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Meet Your Instructors


Robert Goffman

Agile Advancement

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My passion is educating, coaching, and helping agile teams  mature to provide value in a way  business has not previously experienced.   My 30 years experience in business and technology and across many different industries will provide insight and ideas to successful agile implementations and improvements.  Our partnership begins when we first meet, builds through our class time and review sessions, and continues through professional organizations, meetups,  and future courses. I am looking forward to sharing my wealth of experience, having constructive discussions, and bringing reality to the classroom, while preparing you to successfully become SAFe certified in your desired area.

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Matt Lasater

Engaged Agility


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Matt sees the opportunity for an agility mindset in much more than an IT environment and strives to help organizations find ways to sense and respond to market changes.  He is an agile coach, trainer and mentor with specific interests in business and organizational agility.  He has been building high performing teams for 20+ years.  He has customized multiple methodologies including a methodology for teams of teams that was eventually adopted throughout the entire line of business.  He has coached new teams, seasoned executives, and everyone in between.  One of his greatest accomplishments is building a college hire pipeline to help recent college hires learn how to work in an agile enterprise. 

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Ben Leonard, Ph.D.

Experience IT,


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Ben enjoys teaching, mentoring & working with professionals so they can be more successful and engaged in their roles. Ben is a is a Certified SAFe Program Consultant and Trainer and has a PhD focusing on Technology Adoption in Organizations. He has 5 years of experience teaching scaled agile & project management courses in universities and in the industry. Most importantly, Ben is a practitioner with 25 years of experience in agile, leading Enterprise PMOs, product management, organizational transformations & mergers in healthcare other industries.

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